Animated Water Screen

Animated Water Screen 1.0

Animated Water Screen will put your desktop under water
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Do you like water?
Almost everybody does.
Would you like to see water on your screen without breaking your monitor down?
Animated Water Screen will put your desktop under water.

This unique screen saver will allow you to see everything as if it was underwater.
You will be able to see your whole desktop suddenly starting to form whirlpools and get covered with ripples of water.
The effect looks great. Everything on your screen will start looking as if through ripples, and gradually a new image will appear.
The screensaver includes a sample image for you to try it, but you can use any image in your hard disk to be displayed with the water effect.
You can also select many pictures or even a complete directory, and make a slideshow that will change with different selectable transitions, always looking as if through water.

Animated Water Screen also includes another great feature.
You can set it to play your favorite mp3s to accompany the images being shown.
Now you can have that picture of your loved one or maybe some landscapes from your last camping trip, or even just the pictures you took during your birthday party.

Another great feature of this screen saver is the ability to use your images and mp3s to build standalone files and screensavers that you can pass along to your friends.
You will surely enjoy the ripple effect of this awesome screen saver. It will become a great piece of conversation among your family and colleagues.

Fernando Soni
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  • Great effect
  • Use your own images and mp3s


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